And Then I …..moaned a lil bit.


It was the first time

that I want to many more chances to recreate

…..its after effects have treated me to doses of instant replays that send little tingles across my skin…..it wasn’t an accident; it was on purpose. It wasn’t on purpose; it was an accident.

It was spontaneous

it was simple

it was what the doctor would surely have ordered.  It was soft and sexy and hot and saucy.

It lasted

too short.

But it felt all good.

All over

and I’d do it again in a heartbeat instance …..it was exactly what I thought it would be

and then some.

And by the time the end began,

the flurries sprinkling thru my nervous system were jumping…..my heartbeat was different…

my relaxation was certainly not challenged but my desire was fully yearning…..and then

I moaned a lil bit.

My lightweight moan a mixture of a dare to continue and a warning to stop.

We stopped.


And reclaimed personal space.

But when I recalled that interaction the next day, at first I started smiling

and then

I moaned a lil bit.

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