Red Carpet Ready.Set.Go!

Sometimes you wake up and want to experience life in Hollywood.  Maybe you live in a rural area where crazy wolves and fox roam free.  Or maybe you stay right off 38th street where gunshots are frequent and poverty pisses you off.  Perhaps you stay right around the corner from the rich; so close you can taste the smell of their BMV Hybrid smoke.  Whatever the case, sometimes you just want to zone out.  You want to get away from it all, throw on that outfit you never get to wear, enjoy life in the moment and feel like you are in Hollywood; like a celebrity!  And why not, you are!  

            Well my dear Vogue ladies and gents, I bring you “The Paparazzi Red Carpet Event!  Fashion just got “high.” This event, put on by the team of various stylists behind “Paparazzi Ready”, was nothing short of fabulous.  Full of energy, great MC (Coryon), captivating entertainment, shoe and accessory vendors and what else but fabulous fashion!!  With flyers circulating that promoted a live, streaming red carpet and warned of fashion police, everyone appeared to take the notice serious and dressed like this event would later be aired on the E! Network.  The red carpet outside provided that Hometown Hollywood vibe, with the fancy background, news correspondent and camera flashes everywhere.  Inside, the VIP section was roped off in front, but the side areas, full of booths and tables, made for great views of the field goal shaped stage. 
     The room quickly filled to a crowd of bold metallic colors and one of a kind dresses; 5 inch stilettos with KY Derby hats and perfect fitting slacks with simple dress shoes.  Fellow local poet, Jus Will, opened the show dressed in two piece get up that was a poem by itself and professionally spit a piece about his personal style that made us blush a little, laugh a lot and above all, give up mad respect.  The tone was set.  Coryon kept the crowd pleased with the easiness of his spirited and fun personality.  Once the show got started, within ten minutes of the actual start time (which is great btw), the models owned the room.  The male models glided out in smooth rhythms, ready for either Jazz at the Park or the tennis game.  It has officially been proven, if never before, that black men can indeed look good, be fresh and comfortable, all in one outfit, with pants pulled up!  But I digress.  The women, dressed like delicate diva’s, posed like rockstars while awaiting their turn to walk the plank.  Once on the floor, each model smized hard enough to touch tyra and strutted in high stiletto’s like they were each the inventors of the runway!!!!  It was fabulous, the music was perfect and the additional performances kept any chance of monotony at bay.  One performer, the violinist Ms. Ro Broaddus, left the crowd speechless with her string performance of Kanye West’s All of the Lights; intro AND full song! There was also a hip hop performance towards the end that ensured everyone was still hype and prepared for the grand finale, which was as flawless as the rest of the show.  And of course, Coryon continued to keep us full of a joking spirit.

 For an affordable price, all of us fashion and entertainment enthusiasts were treated to an evening of Hollywood flair, right here at home.  Everywhere I looked people were laughing, chatting it up and looking stunning!  38th Street police sirens or packs of roaming wolves were left stuffed in our dressers at home. No one was thinking about money woes or work in the morning.  On that Sunday night, we were all celebrities in our own right.  We looked and supported the part.  We took pictures, had pictures taken of us and saw women and men, who looked and were created like us, moving across the runway as if walking was an art form.  So what if we can smell the rich people up the street?  Look at us!  We are fabulous.  We are beautiful.  Heck we are couture!  And that night, we were Red Carpet Ready!

*Paparazzi Ready is a fashion style team, ready and available to help YOU find/get/own your style.  It consists of a team of barbers, stylists, make-up artists and fashion experts.  Find them at paparazziready.com and let them bring you into a world of Milan right inside your own walk in closet! 

***Editors Note (lol): this blog was written, as a part two, to a fashion show review i published for "i'mjussayin's tumblr account.....this review will eventually be posted on that blog, as well as my blog, but for now, i wanted to get it up and out....why? because i wrote it, so i own it and i can do with it what i please.....lololol...but really because, no never mind, that was the real reason.