Arms Wide Open, Words Wide Shut.

I don’t know what to say….
Or what I want to say yet……idk how to pinpoint what exactly I feel, but I know I am feeling A LOT of different things.  I know I have posted a lot of stats regarding the ending of Different Peace of Mind but ….whatever is on my heart

To actually say
Has not made it into word form yet

All I can think to do is quote a song….for when words fail she who only knows words, that’s when I turn to music.  Because it never fails me.So for now, until i find the words, please take these words.....from one of my favorite songs ever. 

i SINCERELY with all of me, 
all that i am
and every part of my soul, being and existence,

am beyond grateful for this last 16 months.  I love you.  



Flight of No F*cks

<  Ex Factor 3

...have given me the token of WORTHLESS for the last time
no more staying on this ship
Fucking around with this shit
I’m jumping
I’d much rather off myself than to let you continue to douse me with hypothermia
Nigga fuck yo’ match
My keys were just snatched,
By me,

No life jacket necessary,
No defibrillator,
No rounds of Eppi for the heart you have evacuated the blood supply from,
You fema !!
No more roof waving,
Signs that state I am in need of saving,
No more avoiding the swirl of going down the drain,
Pummeling around the rabbit hole,
Fumbling for my loss of control,
Forgetting how to resurface
[No more] oxygen depletion
Water in lungs
Hanging onto your words until I become a swinging pendulum of lifelessness
No more of this
Runny and lactose intolerant
1.5%  skim,
Egg beater,
Vegan style meat eating,
Dumpster diving,
Turtle neck jiving,
Snake biting,
High priced generic,
Consignment store smelling like a clearance rack take back
Under arm sweating,
great balls of fire,
Blue torn sueded shoes
Misused, stale brewed up green tea
Universal lackluster soldier shooting hollowtip pointed love from you to me
Yeah I’m [fuckin] done here,
no more value village,
binge goodwill shopping,
salvation army free shipping,
back alley handling,

-or mishandling

five dollar dvd bin, no movies i want in this muthaf*cka
half off dollar tree,

section wait ----
foldable food stamps? !!!
great value,
boxed up,
hamburger helper tasting,
time wasting,
bullshit chasing,
complete fallacy of the truth,
no tax,
no retractor
Charitable donation, write off
of love....
From you.
I will be damned if this is an “I Do” vow of silence
Sitting back while you pillage
Thru my emotions
No sifting
And all the lumps are coming thru
can’t get the stink out of the shit
manure might grow flowers but have you ever notice its only from animals ?
no more human waste from you….
No more packages of you that lack warning labels….
Yuck faces and barf bags in my purse….
No more cane carrying,
Shotgun blasts to the back,
Plastic sack with a hole in the bottom,
Trash falling out,
Foot dragging in the sand,
Sand castles blowing down,
Down hill,
Need to be healed from,
Type of hurtful mistreatment ….
worthless love tokens of faux affection and pushed erections that increase my blinding dopamine injections
FUCK YOU !!!!!!!
(and fuck the part of you that would even dare )

……and with that said,
I will always love you….
Take care.

Top of Form
no mono
Bottom of Form