Arms Wide Open, Words Wide Shut.

I don’t know what to say….
Or what I want to say yet……idk how to pinpoint what exactly I feel, but I know I am feeling A LOT of different things.  I know I have posted a lot of stats regarding the ending of Different Peace of Mind but ….whatever is on my heart

To actually say
Has not made it into word form yet

All I can think to do is quote a song….for when words fail she who only knows words, that’s when I turn to music.  Because it never fails me.So for now, until i find the words, please take these words.....from one of my favorite songs ever. 

i SINCERELY with all of me, 
all that i am
and every part of my soul, being and existence,

am beyond grateful for this last 16 months.  I love you.  


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