War of the Roses, Pt 1 in the war on women series.

"Its been a long time...i shouldnt have left you.....without a new beat to step to, step to....step to, s-step to.." truth is, i have not had the time to blog over here.  ...but if you were an avid follower of this blog, then you know shit happens and there are periods where i don't blog at all, but then I come back and blog indefinitely :)  Well, I'm sorta back.....and guess what i have ....my story on the war against women...if you are fb friends with me, then you heard me mention writing this blog some time ago.  Well i have started.  And here it is: 

tonight as i often do after work, i started watching Nip/Tuck.  I have seen the entire series before a while back and liked it, so i started adding to my dvd collection, season by season. Now, when i initially started watching Nip/Tuck, it was via Netflix on my laptop.  I was also subject to be doing any number of other things, at teh same time, from writing to cooking to talking on the phone. I say all this because seeing it on DVD on my flat screen is almost a brand new experience !  While I remember the basics behind what took place on the show, some of these episodes are proving themselves to be unfamiliar enough to seem brand new.  Tonight, as i often do when i get home from work, i started watching Season 3 and something interesting happened.  I definitely remember it happening before, but something about seeing it this time gave me a hardcore-blank stare.  One of the doctor's was still hurting from being stood up a his wedding.  So in a heartbroken attempt to forget his pain, he sleeps with a patient, who is suffering from very low self esteem and apparently only the smallest quantities of self-respect.  What's so bad about this you say?  Well, before giving her his best doggy-style rendition of a good time, he hands her a paper bag and tells her to put it over her face and wear it while; while he "wore" her.  (<---my words)  After demeaning herwomanhood and childishly smiling about the whole thing, he promptly sends her home afterwards; but not before we get to see her take off the bag, revealing streaked mascara-mixed tears cascading down her cheeks.  But dig this: Days later, she goes back to his office and to his surprise, professes how much she enjoyed that night.  She even earned her first orgasm from it Yay?  She goes on to lay claim to her masochism and volunteers to wear the bag again if it means they can have another rendezvous  Yes, this is tv. 
No, this NOT fiction, by any means. 
This is the beginning of my thoughts on "The Bag Over Head, Face Down Ass Up Syndrome."  
Weeks after professing the desire and subsequent intent on blogging what i deem to be the "war on women, i foudn myself stuck in a bit of a slump.  The thoughts were there but the words were far behind. I kept publically declaring a date of release, which i should have known by past experiences not to do.  It felt like i was dropping the ball so to speak.  So, on this particular night, i popped in my dvd and said to self,"you are about to write this damn blog!!!"  And so the story goes.........
...i finally started writing but i kept scraping the starts and angles i cwas coming from.  That is until that scene jumped out and bit me in the left hand.  Now i know this is tv and it could be said that i super-over-analyzing it, to which i say, if fiction isn't for analyzing, what it is for????  Not to mention, i personally believe ALL fiction stems from someone's truth.  I could not believe my eyes on this scene.  It was as if it were my first time watching.  He clearly had ZERO attraction to her, yet her ugliness was not enough to stop him from turning her into his cum dumpster.  So he caters to his vanity-system with a ten cent paper back, bends her over and hits her with the rabbit-jerk???!!!!!!
It angered me and i know why.  I have been that girl.  I have been Mrs X Marks the Spot.  I've played that role, i just didn't have the actual bag over my head  Although, i spent years WISHING i had a bag over my head.  Ironically, it wasn't until i started stripping that i was able to see myself differently.  As a woman even.  Not that I credit an environment where men are slapping asses and rubbing dollar bills up and down your "DownBelow", however, it is very true that until then, i saw myself as everything but a woman; a woman who deserves respect. My perspective on things will be coming from a lot of directions.  A lot of lives have been lived in this short 33 years of mine, so what i speak on in regards to this war on women is not just me doing a whole bunch of talking.  This is real.  This is life.  
The war on women is not what you think it is.  
It is everythign you are sleeping on. 
It may start with the Bag Over Head, Face Down, Ass Up Syndrome, but it definitely does NOT end there.
In order to give an honest opinion on this war and not have this blog one continous run-on blog, I decided to make it a short series; five parts and this is considered the first (the intro).  In my observation, there are a few things that are influencing the war and there are some direct contributors that stay on the battlefield against women, our rights and of course, our epicenters of reproduction.  A series was the only route.  I'd like to minimize misinterpretation as much as possible.  So bear with me.
Come back next posting, which may be up later tonight.  
In the mean time. ....suit up, boot up and lets go.

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