Tears Burn After so many….


feels like no one cares about what I am doing….nothing I say about anything I have in the works or upcoming seems to be of much interest to many ppl.



im lonely today

im really on my human female shit today.

no not my period

just my emotional shit

sad music, tears, dark house and all.  GUess I’ll go get a black and at least try to smoke some of the monkey off my back.  Right now, I’m struggling.  THinking hard about ceasing my book….I couldn’t even successfully sell my cd ….how in the world can I sell a book?  But more than that, the spark that got it going….

seeing the person I wanted to marry….I actually tag him as the closest thing to perfection….and to know I wasn’t meant for that…made me feel a way and started something negative in me.  fuck fuck fuck. 


I will bounce back later on.

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