Route 409

Four Hundred and Nine ways of thinking
about you
and stuff.....
all fluff and kisses over here....

Four hundred and nine dreams of filthy enjoyment followed up with a rain-dance of laughter...careful outsiders, these objects might be closer than they appear....

409 blinks that included you there
four hundred and nine sucks of night air while wondering if your hands were sweaty for a feel against my back

Times we count sheep in each others eyes
dosing off to sweet lips, falling closer than further apart
409 surprises
Because you are surprising
A surprise to me
Four steps from tipping me over
zero time for cold shoulders
nine minutes before we become one supernova
and i
Turn the corner
See the face
of you
and think to myself
409 ways of making your smile be true
and how
409 days ago, i was still a long while away from you
You didn't exist in this realm of my life
but now
we are something like highway 409.
Traveling at moderate speed
two beings scared to bleed or cause it
but both containing zero desire to pause -
for it is right now time
on a scale of one to ten, we are plus one, after nine

four hundred and nine times

times two

Ppl wondering to themselves 'what the hell is going on over there'
409 eye wrestles with each other
and i say f*ck it,
 lets feel it
 and let em' all stare...

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