Off the Deep In.

I think she's bleeding ....from her mouth. How fulfilling. 
VERY few

are willing to go as far for you

as you would for them…..
so if you find yourself amongst someone
who is willing to in deep
with you
and doesn’t mind letting it be known to YOU

Make sure they are not worth the effort
before you show them the dumpster.  

NowPlaying: In Deep, Fantasia – this is just what I’m thinking right now as my eyes slowly fight the tears back……I want to share ME so bad….not even my body…just all that is me….I know I’m worth the share.  Just one.  One solo person who is willing to go in…..and see how deep we can go…..even if it didn’t amount to anything in particular….I crave the experience….shit. …am I wrong for sharing this or am I human ??  Some things are better left unsaid.
But le shrug.

I aint scared. And even when I am, I don’t let fear stop me. Icant.
after all this….all of these 15 years of continuous allowance of heartbreak and hurt, I am still willing……to go in deep with someone. #Unbelievable.
I can’t put what I need off on anyone else’s map….I have to just BE…..I’m not even supposed to be blogging about LOVE and this kinda shit anymore but this song made me inspired…….to like someone and be scared to like them because you don’t want to run them away with your DESIRE to BE DESIRED and you don’t want to place all these responsibilities in their lap….wooosah …..
all I can do is smh at that girl…. her fearlessness scares the shit out of her and what scares her pushes her to try harder…..

she probably shouldn’t even be TRYING anydamnthing.…….
let me tell you…..
I’m down for the deep in.
But I feel stranded, more often than not, in the guppie pool.

“I’m not scared if I bleed
If I tear, it proves to me
the love I shared was worth every drop”  ~Fantasia, InDeep.


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  1. the ocean of feelings is something Iv been scared of my whole entirity .. I feel you on beiing stranded.. thanx for sharing!!