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I suck at marketing.  I always have.  I’m lazy about it a lot and then other times, I just don’t want to be annoying.  But it has to be done.  There is SO much going on this week, so much I have to be thankful for….its scary that its my true life…..I’ve come a very long way, especially from where this blog first started.  I’ve come so far, that at  times, I find myself asking myself if I’m exuding any type of negative ego-spirit. Am I becoming arrogant in any way ? Because I never want to be. …so I’m always mentally checking myself.  But it feels good to finally be able to celebrate myself, to actually BELIEVE in myself….in what I’m doing.  To embrace my beauty, my flaws, my everything.  This struggle doesn’t just start or stop on the stage. This is really me.  jY and Kendria are really the same person.  One just has a more people personality. So here I am. 

In a space unlike anything prior.  As it should be.  So with that said, I would like to invite you to a few pages of my life.  New chapters, new journey’s, new beginnings.  Some of you may have already been there, others this may be your first time.  But I invite you on this course I’m coasting along…..As you may know, I’m the host of an open mic called Different Peace of Mind, I write for a magazine that is coming local called I2I Magazine and this Thursday, I will be debuting my online talk radio show with my cohost and friend, Naz Khalid.  Then there is the book….and the next book….and this show I’m working on (2)…there is a lot.  SO if you are interested, please click these links and stay in the know, get connected with us/me.  And of course, keep coming back here.  I love you.  I thank you, for believing in me so much that I had to try it out myself.  And I like it. 




Think Like a Woman


The radio show debuts THIS THURSDAY at 7pm.  There is also a blog that goes with it and is open for women submissions.  The blog will begin getting carried by I2I Magazine soon.  Also, send submissions of music (2 tracks, 1 clean version), advertisements and/or suggestions/desire to be a guest to thinklikeawoman2012@gmail.com


A Different Peace of Mind Open Mic


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