When your own words haunt you.....

This was 'advice' i gave a fellow poet about writing TWO years ago.  Yesterday, he randomly thanked me for sharing this with him, which made it then appear at the top of my inbox.....

This morning, i opened the inbox not knowing what i had said and i re-read it.... and dropped the mic ...all the while, Maxwell is crooning 'This Woman's Work" LIVE, in my ear.

  • overall just dont be afraid to walk uncharted territory....the only way you can expand is allow yourself to expand and the only way you can allow that expansion is by challenging yourself to push past your comfort zone and only return when absolute nec....
  • Januarie York
    Januarie York

    .............i told ***** this awhile back...if your mind is comfy with something, that will become your default.....if you allow your default to own you, you stunt your growth....the challenge is noticing when you are headed back to default status and changing lanes....you got it tho....as time passes it will become second nature"

Maybe i should take my own advice.

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