Mr Dismissed: For the Queen that Requested It (thank U)

Mr. Dismissed.
My friend says he loves me
But he don’t
Says he misses me
But he doesn’t
Says he was trying
He wasn’t
He lying
He loves me like grim reaper shadows for the dying
He loves me like Snoop Dog and hoes
And then like Ludacris and area codes
And then again like snakes and toads until I’m frozen into a glacier of confusion
Don’t know how to take him
Or what to make of him
Or what to say to him when his fingertips so graciously leaves prints on the i-m-i-s-s-y-o-u keys
Boy please
Your love  for me is the equivalent of a winter frost
And a summer rose…our fate is like a refundable security deposit minus the dirty carpet
..and the walls that need new paint
And the broken dishwasher
And the stained steel on the kitchen sink
Whats left isn’t worth cashing in
You bouncing love checks boo
Loving me like broken necks that heal inside of caskets
Buried, dirt covered and head s toned…
We might be grown but our friendship was still in the developmental stages…we should have soared with sky limits
But he stunted our growth with 12 guages of bullshit covered up with scented oil “I wish you were here” text messages…
Cant understand why I don’t enjoy being a recipient of his mentally challenged and dysfunctional way of saying I’m Sorry…
He speaks in foreign languages when he’s not making jokes, although it’s not until he has a serious moment that I feel compelled to laugh
Like when he says he misses me
And I wish we didn’t turn into this
Cause this is it
Cue Michael Jackson, this nigga is moonwalking across my back with sandpaper penny loafers but –
-at least he’s smiling
Sleeping with the enemy but –
-at least he’s getting laid
And I like to see my people
Especially the ones that love me
And miss me
Like he
My friend
Who claims to love me and careful consideration, I believe he may, but our idea of what it takes to make a friendship build
Or collapse and break don’t align and that’s fine by me
But I for one no longer wanna be down in fraggle rock, bouncing off walls with him…
Running Olympic tracks until I’m too dizzy to see straight
Or to see how crooked he is..
We devolved from a circle to a dangling line
Which is why he’s so  good at lying
And I’m letting go of my grip
Suicide feels better than this merry go round of addict behavior
I’m quacking cold turkey
He loves me like…..like I love beef jerky
And I hate beef jerky
It stinks
When I find it between my teeth, I spit it out !!!
It has too many unchewables
Just like his paint splotched, spackle crusted love
And he swears he misses me
But his emotions are MISplaced
And MISarticulated
Our closeness was a bit of a MIStake
We are MIScellaneously, MIScarried like MISfired sperm
Instead of missing me
He should have been trying to miss the spot
Now X marks his forehead and I fully expect him to exhibit extreme behavior for my acceptance but –
I never really did learn to walk backwards
Or forward blindfolded
Eventually you’ll fall
And when you do
You take your shades off
The roses on my glasses wilted months ago
He says I’m his friend and he’s right
I’m HIS friend
But that doesn’t instantly make him mine
And he says he was trying but I think he’s lying
At the expense of my feelings
Looks like there’s a ceiling up there after all
My friend says he loves me
And misses me
And part of me believes it
But he only misses silent Susie
The quiet mouse who doubts herself just enough to stay silent when stuff stops adding up but shit stinks no matter who’s ass it comes from
And I might be soft but I aint a roll of Charmin
So his charming smile woo’s me only enough to show him the common respect I’d offer a stranger
Somebody better throw him a life saver
Cause he’s poked a lot of holes in that waterbed he made
And now he’s in danger

Of drowning. 

#Copyrighted 2010

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