I've missed you so much, I can feel the hollowness within my heart. Sounds all poetic and writer-ish but its not....its the truth. I just sat, staring a box of CocaCola's for the last ten minutes

...or what seemed like 30 mins....

thinking of you and feeling this ......this.....
missing part ....

I gave you, me......and you didn't want her.
And the rejection is hurtful but ......the long way to it is what has stifled me.  I don't want no one to see me the way I am ...I don't want to explain all the other things on my mind, including you dancing on my pain. To see you, posting and lol'ing, commenting and tagging......

.....and not for the slightest second, thinking of me, is killing me. Its not you tho.  Its all me. I killed myself loving you.

So excuse me while I lay in this casket, resting rather unpeacefully.
I'll be back when the resurrection says I may return. Right now, i'm emotionally dead. Of all the hurt and all the things going on, all I want is to curl up next to you and feel you breathe.....ironically, you don't even care if i'm breathing at all.

Caskets n shit.

Loving you was the day I killed myself so excuse this casket crawl as I roll over and change post mortem positions.
... my resurrection will release you in ways you never knew I was holding you.

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