Vintage QueenWrite.

Something I found in on my hard-drive while looking for something else. I don't even remember if she ever received this or not. : /

Often times
These mfs are wearing the same clothes
Same shoes
Same heels
It gets hard to know when and what to feel….
Especially after consuming the left behind morsels of crumpled paper love
Blowing past me in the wind

Yes indeed, at times i confuse my foes for my friends
And even tho this confusion leaves my heart covered in painful blisters
 The one thing I can count on
Is the love from my sisters
I was born with none, but I divinely met a few
And the first time we never saw each other
Was actually the first time I met you
No amount of miles
No stand alone trees
No tornadoes or hurricanes
Or dirty, scarred knees
Can replace or substitute the impact you have made
In my loneliest of moments, I allow our best memories to be replayed
The girl talks, the silent times
Out at the shore
The tears, the smoke, the food, the jokes
Even conversations about The Lord
I may be writing cheesy, but I was directed by Him to do so
Maybe He thought you were starting to think otherwise
And sent me to put you back in “the know”
That sometimes I confuse my friends with my foes
And mostly its because them MFs are wearing the same damn clothes
But my sisters are originators ….master copies….fresh and clean….
And no amount of distance or space
Could ever replace my Queen.

I love you.  And I miss you so much….miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you SO much.…..my sister.  (dated April 3, 2012) 

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