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So it seems that anything is possible…dreams CAN come true and the power of using one’s voice to speak LIFE into existence is a powerful tool that is drastically underrated.  Anyone that has been a part of this blog longer than a couple of weeks should know for fact that I have a slight obsession with NYC.  Not only do I believe and have I spoken that my “soul was born in NYC” but I intend on living there….or at least very close to it by the time I get to age 35. 
But for now, I must watch from afar.  This year, I realized that my senses had not been allowed to run free in the open world of New York City since 2010.  It depressed me but made me determined not to close out 2012, a year with little to NO travel involved, without having been to at least NYC.  So many trips I have tried to plan, or ask ppl to be apart of in order to help cut costs and have someone to talk to, but nothing ever panned out.  From a solo trip to Ft Lauderdale that fell to the wayside due to me buying a car w/my vacay fund to attempting to find just ONE friend to hit Las Vegas with me, everything I tried seem to fall on fail. 
Waiting for ppl to do something has never been something I’m good at doing, so I set in my head that one way or another, I’’d hit NYC before this year was up.  Despite my pressing desire to be one with all these other places, and to experience a Florida beach or the many shows at Las Vegas, I was mentally willing to let go of all these other ideas if it meant I’d spend time in NYC.  I could not part with the idea of being there.  From NYC, I could go to a beach.  I could catch a show.  And more than anything, I could hop a ride on any number of cruises, boats, ferries and water taxi’s, all while traveling underneath one of the two most recognized bridges in the country. 
NYC is inbred in me some kind of way.  And I don’t even care.  I made this mental declaration and decided to stick to it.  I had even gone so far as to promise myself that if I was down to my last days of summer and still couldn’t locate a real travel buddy that had the time, the means and the desire to hit the road OR the skies with me, I’d go alone.  I’d save, hop a flight outta here and pop No Dozes for 72 hours.  No room, no transpo I would be responsible for; I was going on a solo trip and planned to not sleep til I got back to Indy.
Well….as luck would have it….i didn’t have to go to such drastic measures…..and as I sit here typing this morning, I am approximately 2 weeks plus one day away from my first of two trips over 30 days to NYC!!!!!!
Yes indeed
I speak things into existence
I have been gifted with TWO trips to NYC, one of which will be me and a fellow poet performing in and around NYC/Philly and potetntially a few other places (depends on my vacay days)!!!
But first, in 2 weeks, I will be going for the sole purpose of being a tourist.  Needless to say, I am about to fall out of my skin counting down the days.
But that was not even the cake topper!
A few days ago, I casually checked my email while sitting with a friend, shooting the shit and drinking shots of vodka!!!! I opened an email at the top of my inbox that was from Toshiba.  Upon first glance, my immediate thought was why do I have an email for Toshiba (wondering if I had signed my email up or something)…..after opening it, I began wondering if I won a free tv (hey, wouldn’t you?) ……but as I read thru the email, I realized why they were sending it to me….sorta.
All though this portion of the story seems long, all this happened over the course of 15 seconds????  Reading the first lines of the email, First of all, thanks for taking part in Toshiba Innovation's Put Your Face on Toshiba Vision program by uploading and voting on your best photos”, I remembered submitting my photo for the Times Square contest and was pretty sure this was an email to tell me I had lost. 
     But in fact, this email was telling anything but…..once I read Secondly, congratulations!  ”, every word thereafter was read in really slow motion.  It could not be possible, I thought to myself.  I read, calmly said “oh my God”, and re-read the whole thing in its entirety.  “I can’t believe this….i cannot believe this!!!!!’ I kept repeating with my laptop sitting on the table and my eyes a cross confusion between worry and dare I say “excitement”.  I think my voice troubled my friend, of which she replied, what, whats wrong!!!!

I was damn near scared to answer her…..how things went after that is almost anyone’s guess, but word by word I told her that I had submitted my photo to Toshiba to be shown in Times Square and my photo was picked. Once she yelled OMG, it was on…..my emotions went flurrying all over the room and I clicked the link to see for myself was this some kind of twisted joke.  And it was not. MY pic, holding my favorite NYC umbrella that I stalked and saved on several computers before buying from amazon, had won me the gift of a lifetime.
My photo was voted on and won, along with 11 others, and will be showing every ten minutes on the Times Square screen that I stood in front of first in 2007, staring in awe.  MY picture would be shown LIVE, every ten minutes, in NYC.  So what its not a shot of my face.  So what all you can see is my heels and my umbrella.  So what that I can’t be there to see it live! Its there.  I live in NYC until Wednesday. 
This was so much more than winning a contest.  If ever I asked God to lay hands on me and make his desires for me plain and clear, I cannot deny that I took that as a sign from Him.  That wanting, planning and executing leaving Indy behind for the artistic lights and loud sounds of NYC/East Coast living is just what the Dr. ordered. 
Even as I type this, someone is standing in Times Square, possibly seeing my picture playing across the screen.  I watched the live link three times.  Before the night was over, I was in tears. 
This is a powerful voice I have here.
It speaks
And earth moves accordingly
My voice and my heart are in a love/hate relationship.  When they hate each other, things go awry.  But when they love each other, when they stand on one accord and serve the common denominator, I open up my eyes and see that life has shifted a lil more towards my direction.
They say be careful for what you wish for.
And maybe that is why seeing my pic in Times Square scared me just a little bit. Because what I’m wishing for is slowly unraveling itself to be truth.
But who would I be if I looked away now???
How would I be if I silenced myself soon???
I don’t know the answers to those questions and likely never will. Writing and living in NYC are the two things I know for fact I will NEVER give up on…..and I’ve given up on many many things.  Many times. But not this time.  This time, my soul has taken the reigns and speaks for me, making all things known aloud to Mother Earth & Father God. 

May we each, at some point in our lives, before its too late, realize the power of our voices!!!!
For they not only can hurt and destroy,
The tongue can build freedom walls right within your own body.  I say lets not be careful anymore.
Lets just Know what we want
And speak the belief that we will get it.
Then watch as magic unfolds before our eyes!
“  One of your photos has been chosen to be featured on the giant Toshiba Vision screens in Times Square, to be seen by thousands of New Yorkers and other visitors!”

and that ladies and gents >>>>>
is ME...live, every 10 mins, in Times Square, NEW York City.


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